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Indonesian artist Ono Gaf turns a great big heaps of scrap metal and junk into amazing animal sculptures. His latest creation is this awesome giant turtle. The colossal chelonian is made of hundreds of individual metal components, including tools, tractor rotors, springs, instruments and all sorts of car and bike parts.

Visit the Jakarta Post to learn more about Ono Gaf and his artwork.

Photos by Gina Sanderson

[via Colossal]


Really great drawing reference, very well explained. 


Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.


Friend called me on Skype while I was looking up a cosplayer, this is what happened


yesterday i got a lot of work done. today, i drew andilites playing sportsball, and was happy.






everyone needs Spirit on their blog.

every time someone reblogs this you see that notification in the corner with a tiny galloping spirit so pls keep it up guyz

makin a herd on my blog no shame


I know how to cold wire a car

I’m calling the police

Track: Puppycat's Fairytale


once upon a time, there was a space outlaw who fell in love with the space king’s daughter, and they both agreed they were meant to be together. the princess decided to run away with him, and they planned to meet at their favorite meadow before they escaped.

but it was a trap. the princess had lied, and the outlaw was surrounded by the king’s army of warlocks. filled with anger from her betrayal, the magic that was meant to capture the outlaw instead transformed him into a monster, and he escaped.

puppycat’s my favorite vocaloid