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jsalim-art asked: Hey I heard you were not feeling well. So I came a asking. Anyway I am pretty urious of that tumblr avatar of yours. Any story behind that little goat? Anyway feel better soon kay? Have some feel better tea.

Thanks doll! <3 I’m starting to feel a little better. Laughed at some videos and chugged some water. Cup of tea should do the trick at this point.

Hahaaa not much of a story, really? Originally my avatar was this picture of my face:


And then I reblogged that goat and I got an anon saying that they thought the goat was making the same face as me and I mean


I laughed so hard and then I changed my avatar SO


disreputabledog replied to your post “guys I’m really nauseous and I need a distraction. Ask me questions…”

aw, feel better!!! and it’s SO STUPID but for funny videos, that potion seller video had me almost in tears.

have you guys seen this???

how have I not seen this??????

this is a beautiful thing ohhh myyyy goooshshs

disreputabledog asked: aaaaaah i may be in bed before i see the answer, but do your ocs like making friends/having lots of friends/a small circle of friends? what qualities do they look for in potential friends?

I <3 u

Frankie likes to keep her circle of friends pretty small. She’s fairly introverted and doesn’t have enough social energy to keep up with lots of friends, and she’s hurt very easily, so she is very cautious about opening her heart to anyone. She likes joking around/giving strangers a hard time, but she doesn’t really develop deep relationships with them. She’s a people watcher, though, and she’s very observant; many times she knows a lot more about a person than they realize. The few good friends that she does have (e.g. Dae, Myri, and later Ana We- who I should draw more) are precious to her and she holds onto these precious few people with loyal ferocity. She’s a really good friend and is very dependable and steadfast.

Dae is kind of the same way; he tends to keep a small circle of close friends, but he does have quite a few not-quite-so-close friends. He’s very likeable, empathetic, and sociable, and people are very drawn to him. He cares about everyone he meets with his whole entire heart and is very interested in the happiness and well-being of others. He likes to play with people and joke around and he’s skilled at having long, involved conversations with strangers. Myri is really his best friend in the whole world, with Frankie coming in at a solid second. Cayle is his dudeman best friend, and Cayle has stuck with Dae from childhood, right through the fire and the war and the drunkenness and the changes and all of that. Cayle’s a good egg. They live on opposite sides of the planet, though, so they aren’t quite as close as they could be. When they do get together, though, you had better get out of the way. There will be loud noises and manhugging. 
Dae thrives on the love he gets from his friends, particularly Myri and Frankie. He’s like a lil flower that you have to water with love and cuddles and he’ll wither if he’s neglected. He can hang out at a big party all day but he needs to be able to come home and just chill with the people he’s really truly comfortable with. Just be himself and let it all hang out, y’know?

Myri has a bunch of girlfriends and for the most part is equally close to all of them. She has one bestie that she’s grown up with that is just the most important person in the world to her, besides Dae. Myri’s not exactly a party girl, but she sure does enjoy socializing. She likes to have people over a lot and feels bored if the house is ever empty. She regularly goes for drinks or dancing or whatever after a rough day at work, because hanging out and joking around his her recreation of choice. Dae tags along because he loves her but only if she promises that they’ll be home early enough for him to unwind from her method of unwinding.

ajllfdj this got really looonng and outta controooolllll I’m so sorry HURK

also you changed your URL I am so confused this is taking up way too much mental energy

+ you sent me some headcanon things FOREVER ago and i kept forgetting to link them to you so if you didn’t see here is another distraction disreputabledog.tumblr….

yaaas I did see those! Haha I’m glad you linked them though because I forgot about them and it made me happy to read them again <3

kibbits asked: Hi! Not sure if you've been asked, but do your characters have siblings? And/or a huge family? : D Do they want one?

woop wooooop thanks friend

Dae has an older sister, Faye. (Yes, their names rhyme; yes, they’re aware; yes, they hate it) Both of their parents have died by the time the story canon starts. They have one suuuper old grandma that is just the best thing ever. Dae is a lil grammy’s boy. They have a couple uncles on their dad’s side but they don’t get along too well. Dae and Faye (haha oh man it rhymes) didn’t have the greatest relationship for a while… like they were really close when they were lil chitlins but after Dae got burned and their dad started distancing himself from him, Faye started to do the same, although she didn’t totally understand why. She had a hard time coping with his suffering and withdrew to avoid dealing with it. Then when Dae got older and mean and rebellious she used that as her reason to avoid him. Years later and after many emotional and sometimes loud conversations, they were able to reconcile their differences and they’re starting to rebuild their relationship. Faye’s still a little too serious for Dae’s liking and Dae is a little too influenced by emotion for Faye’s taste sometimes, but they really love each other a lot and always have each other’s backs.

Myri has a huuuuge family (three sisters and two brothers and like a million aunts and uncles and cousins) and they’re all very loud and friendly and they get along really well most of the time. Dae got adopted into that family even before he and Myri got married. “Myri’s got a boyfriend? What???? welp, he’s ours now!” and they just snatched him up and fed him and hugged him and played with him and he ate it all up. They have some very big, loud family functions.

Frankie has no siblings, and it’s basically just her and her mom. She sees her grandma sometimes but she’s a crass old thing and they don’t get along too well. Frankie doesn’t mind so much, though, since Dae’s adopted her into his big weird family. :>

Dae and Myri intend to have about five thousand children. That’s the plan. They may settle around four or five. Maybe adopt? Who knows??? They both love kids, though.

You win my heart for asking me questions about my OCs and you win my kidneys and spleen if you actually read all of this I LAV U

guys I’m really nauseous and I need a distraction. Ask me questions about my ocs? Tell me about your day? Tell me about something that makes you happy? Funny videos? Help a gal out huh???? <3



I’m bout to pull one of those car salesmen things

y’know like

HEY LOOK AT THIS OVER HERE ORIGINALLY $5,000 NOW ONLY $2,500 WITH NO MONEY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [intense sweating]

But like. With commissions.

So basically I’ve got a handful of medical bills I need to pay, plus moving expenses…



  1. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.
  2. Does your character have any noteworthy features? Freckles? Dimples? A scar somewhere unusual? etc.
  3. Does your character have an accent?…